Inverter Types and Correct Usage

Inverter Types... hmmm.

Let's start here!

An inverter is basically a transformer based or IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) based transformer.


If you've ever been shocked by an electrical wall socket? You would've felt that it is a pulsating feeling.

This is why!

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A true sine wave is made by passing magnets past one another. Firstly a positive vs positive magnet then negative to positive. this cycle happens at 50Hz (50 times per second).

This sine wave is only necessary to "Inductive loads" (electrical motors etc).

Most 21st century appliances like TV's, Decoders and LED lights don't need True sine wave (although it is more efficient).

Most appliances will have built in transformers. This means that they themselves capture the top and bottom of the above curve and store them as DC Power. 

If you are looking to power a PC or TV? A modified sine wave or Square wave inverter will do the job!

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It is a way more simple technology that works! 

Personally, I wouldn't power a house with it... but for simple tech, it does the job

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